About Us

About us

Who we are

J’Corps Infotech is a diversified  IT services company that provides optimal IT solutions and services to customers around the globe by bringing right processes, technologies and people together in a flexible manner.
Our journey starting from Desktop Application Development traversing through Client Server application development, Web Application Development.We have worked on various business models such as Fixed price, Dedicated development team, Proof of Concept, Results based billing etc., in a flexible manner.

Our flexible adaption to various Software Development methodologies such as Waterfall, Spiral, Prototype, Agile etc., and effective usage of Process improvement and Productivity improvement tools have enabled our customers to realise the Cost-Time-Quality advantages to the maximum.

We have organically grown our business and gained market share in other areas of IT solutions by delivering on projects with high calibre qualified staff. Our business is now poised to expand quickly over the next three to five years. We have a strong management team in place and are actively hiring new key staff in Finance, HR and Operations to further strengthen our team.

Our Mission


To provide high quality and technologically advanced software solutions to help organizations meet their business goals and challenges. We strive to make our clients more competitive and stronger. With our mission, J’Corps Infotech aims at delivering solutions to clients that will empower their business, help them adapt quickly to the changing dynamics of the market, become agile and respond intuitively to all challenges.


J’Corps Infotech’s goal is to constantly evolve with the changing needs of its clients and add value to their business through our innovative solutions. We focus on delivering versatile solutions rather than being limited by one particular solution or technology.


At J’Corps Infotech, we focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and do everything we can to deliver solutions that will truly satisfy their needs. We are committed to our employees and provide them a competitive, creative work environment that motivates them to constantly learn and grow.


Our Philosophy


J’Corps Infotech is a technology driven  company that works dedicatedly to deliver high quality, functional and effective technological solutions. We create innovative software,mobile apps and provide data that are geared for modern businesses.With a focus on delivering excellence, we strive to be the best in the industry while delivering software solutions that will help our clients achieve their overall organizational goals.

Our Skills

Software Development 99%
Application Development 97%
Website Designing 90%
Digital Marketing 87%
Data Solutions 90%

Our Team