bulk sms marketing

What is Bulk SMS?   
J’Corps Infotech, the pioneer in messaging market, owns the best of infrastructure (both hardware & software) in India, has a number of products and services that can assist you with sending bulk SMS messages.
If you need to send out high volumes of text messages in one go e.g. running competitions and marketing campaigns, sending notifications to employees, notifying customers of deals, promotions and events etc, then contact us to determine which product is best suited to your needs based on how many SMS messages you wish to send at one time.

Bulk SMS – Immediate Benefits

In tough economic times with increased international competition, it is important to use tools that will give your business the competitive advantage. Bulk SMS messaging reduces operational costs and can also generate revenue for your business. Perhaps the only medium that truly provides a measurable return on investment, bulk SMS messaging is targeted and therefore highly effective. See some of the benefits offered by implementing bulk SMS in your organization today.

Bulk SMS cuts operational costs

The transmission of bulk SMS messages is far more affordable than voice calls and far more effective than email. Businesses all around the world use bulk SMS to communicate with their customers, their employees and their suppliers. Saving time spent on individual voice calls with the relevant customer, employee or supplier equals cost savings as well. Automated bulk SMS systems allow the instant transmission of one message to multiple recipients, regardless of their location (as long as there is mobile coverage). The cost to communicate is less. Because bulk SMS is targeted and therefore more effective, this high-volume messaging provides a higher return on investment.

Bulk SMS provides easy access to consumers

More people have a mobile phone than landline telephone and more people have a mobile phone than access to the internet and email. All mobile phones support text messaging and users are very comfortable with this proven and simple technology. This makes bulk SMS the ideal communication medium to reach out to customers and consumers. There are no geographical or demographical limitations with bulk SMS messaging. With J’Corps Infotech, all businesses using bulk SMS have high ‘reach’ as we deliver millions of text messages to all network operators in India.

Bulk SMS provides a measurable return on investment:

It is more important than ever before to receive more ‘bang for your buck’ and bulk SMS messaging provides this because it is a cheaper and more effective form of communication; delivery and responses are automatically monitored and tracked. This means that businesses know exactly where their money is being used, what the return rate is and precise success scale of any campaign. There is no other medium that can provide such a precise measurable return on investment.

Campaign Ideas

  • SMS Alerts / Reminders
  • Calendar Meeting notifications 
  • Send Mobile Coupons to your customers 
  • Send Last minute promotions
  • eShop Order Status Notifications
  • SMS Invitations Send sms or a map with event's location